Podcast: Couples Therapy in Seven Words

Couples Therapy in Seven Words

It’s Still Not About Communication!

Remember our most popular episode, “It’s Not About Communication!”? Well, Bruce has written a new book (out soon) called It’s Not About Communication! Why Everything You Know About Couples Therapy is Wrong. And spoiler alert: Bruce gives away the “zinger…

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Plugging in the Erotic Charge

How do you get that erotic “wow” factor in your relationship? Not just in your sex life, but when you’re doing the dishes? We answer a listener question, and along the way talk some about our own relationship too.
Dr. Chalmer’s book Reigniting the Spark:…

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OMG – I Do Think She’s A Moron!

Polly and Cal came to therapy trying to improve their communication skills. Then one day they came into the session both smiling. Cal had realized something, and so had Polly, and it was making a big difference. What was their great insight?
Dr. Chalmer’…

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Is Couples Therapy Helping?

How Do I Know If Couples Therapy is Helping?

When you start couples therapy, how do you know if it’s helping? And how do you find a therapist in the first place? We help a listener who’s been through a bunch of therapy experiences that weren’t helpful, and is wondering how to know what to look for….

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Parents as Imperfect Heroes: An Interview with DJ Stutz

How are parents, imperfect as we all are, also heroes? How can a couple work together to help their children grow and thrive, even when the parents differ in their parenting styles? What’s the role of faith in parenting? In this episode of “Couples Thera…

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They’re All Idiots! How Can I Talk to Them?

How do you talk to those people—you know, the people on the other side? What if they’re your in-laws? What if they’re not idiots after all? Or what if you are too? We talk about ideas versus ideologies (a big part of Bruce’s next book), and handle a list…

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The Caregiver Path: An Interview with Daniella Marchick

In the US, about one in sex adults are providing unpaid care to an adult with health or functional needs. How does caregiving affect couples? What should caregivers know, and what help is available? In this episode of “Couples Therapy in Seven Words,” we…

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No Perfect Love: An Interview with Dr. Alyson Nerenberg

Are you looking for the perfect relationship? In this episode of the “Couples Therapy in Seven Words” podcast, Dr. Alyson Nerenberg explains that our quest for perfection is doomed to fail—and that’s good news, not bad. Her recently published book is No …

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