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Couples therapist Dr. Bruce Chalmer has teamed up with his wife, educator Judy Alexander, to create a podcast, based on the ideas in Dr. Chalmer’s books It’s Not About Communicaton! and Reigniting the Spark. They talk about relationships, answer your questions, and interview fascinating people.

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The Blue Tent: Erotic Tales from the Bible by Laria Zylber

The Bible is filled with tales of love and lust, but most of it is implied. What do we really know about the sex lives of our ancestors? The Blue Tent takes ten sexy, spicy tales based on Biblical stories and commentary, and weaves them into erotic short stories you’ll want to read over and over again — either by yourself or with your partner(s). More information…

What are the Seven Words?

“Be kind, don’t panic, and have faith.” Want to know where it came from? Check out the first episode!

Other information about Dr. Chalmer, including his practice, blog, books, and videos, can be found at his website,

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